Street Figher Alpha 2 & 3 Rated For PSN

Siliconera has been poking around the ESRB website again, and have discovered with the help of their commentors that not only has Street Fighter Alpha 2 and the vastly superior to just about everything Alpha 3 have both been rated for the PlayStation 3. This surely means that they will be joining Street Fighter Alpha in the PlayStation Network's stable of classic PSOne titles. Of course when they'll show up is anyone's guess, as it took the original Alpha the better part of a year to go live after it was rated.

Great news, but I have to wonder why they bothered releasing the first two instead of just releasing Alpha 3 and calling it a day, as it effectively makes the first two look like Street Fighter EX by comparison.

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Pummels Into PSN's PlayStation Classics (Update: And 3!)


    I disagree; in many cases I prefer Alpha 2... But having all 3 will be great for revenue and people who like moving between the fighting systems. WHY oh WHY they bother releasing these as PS1 conversions instead of arcade ports however is just lazy.

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