Suddenly, Slash Feels … Old

Suddenly, Slash Feels … Old

This reminds me a little of that bit Billy Crystal used to do about getting old, when his teenage daughter asks, “Dad, is it true Paul McCartney was in another band before Wings?”

Slash, who would prefer that I say is of Guns N’ Roses fame and not Guitar Hero III fame, gave a Q&A to Rolling Stone this week, and had this to say about an upcoming solo album and his custom Les Paul guitar …

Which is also what you play in Guitar Hero.

I was very specific about that because they didn’t have a Les Paul in their entourage at that time, and I said the only way we can do this is with a Les Paul.
Has the huge success of Guitar Hero boosted your rep even further?
Yeah, but the flip-side of that is I met this kid who came up to me and was blown away by the fact I was the guy in the Guitar Hero game, and he kept going on about that. Ten minutes later he goes, “Do you play real guitar?”

I can picture Slash, after recoiling in horror at this encounter with a real geek in the wild, immediately seeking to reassure himself of his rock-star status — in the bosoms of about a dozen adoring groupies wearing no underwear.

UPDATE: Oops, this went out early; I forgot to set the posting time correctly. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Slash: This Time Around We’re Not Making Compromises [Rolling Stone]

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