Sunday Timewaster: And We Really Mean It

Insidious Tuna sent this along. I swear I've seen it somewhere before, but apparently not on Kotaku. This game has a very simple premise and a very difficult opponent — your own patience. My only advice to you is that, after you click to start the level, any movement of your mouse, click, or key strike fires the gun. This game should be used at business leadership conferences, because it would definitely show who was the hypercompetitive, win-everything-at-all-costs guy in the crowd. I got to level 7 before I just had to fool with it and kill the puppy. But I'm thinking I could beat this game if I had a good book to read in the meantime.

Sorry about the lame screengrab. I couldn't get actual gameplay, for reasons that will become obvious.

Don't Shoot the Puppy []


    After I managed to finish the game, I spent several minutes shooting the puppy for wasting my fucking time.
    There's the feelgood factor, trust me!

    ... god i hate that puppy now

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