Super Big Let's TGS Round-Up

That's right boys and girls, next week is the official kick off of the Tokyo Game Show. Technically the show starts on Thursday, but four of us will be safely ensconced in Tokyo come Monday to start digging stories and interviewing... well hopefully developer types.

This year's Tokyo Game Show will be brought to you by myself, Brian Ashcraft, Luke Plunkett and Michael McWhertor, with back-breaking post counts and Tower support coming from Fahey and crew.

As with past coverage we'll keep this single post updated throughout the show by category so you can bookmark it now if you want a single stop shop for all Tokyo Game Show news. See you on Monday, can't wait.

Pre-Show Updates
Indies Bringing A Sense Of Wonder To TGS
Alan Wake At TGS? "Not An Announcement"
What Companies Will Be At TGS? These Ones.
Team Ico's PS3 Game Ready 'Soon', but not by Tokyo Game Show
Kingdom Hearts A PS3 Exclusive, Will Be Seen At TGS
Will There Be More PS3 or Xbox 360 Games At Tokyo Game Show?
Microsoft To Give Tokyo Game Show Keynote
Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy XIII Not Playable At Tokyo Game Show
This Is What Marvelous Is Bringing To TGS
Puzzle Quest For PS3 To Bedazzle At Tokyo Game Show
Infinite Space Getting Animated Short Films
What's Taito Bringing To TGS?
Sony Booth Will Have 14 Unannounced Titles Playable At TGS
Guess What Konami's Bringing To TGS...
Katamari Damacy Creator's Next Game Rolling To TGS 08
What's Sega Bringing To TGS?
Animated Resident Evil Movie First Screening At TGS
Hudson Brings Fish, Marbles, Bombs to Tokyo Game Show
What Koei Is Bringing To TGS


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