Talisman XBLA Game Cancelled

Spotted at Wired's Game|Life blog is the news that the Xbox Live Arcade version of the classic fantasy boardgame Talisman has been canned. I still dust off that game now and then with a few friends! Apparently this is old news that is just trickling out across the webs of late after a very quiet mention on a forum, but I find the Capcom rep's claim that after a shaky start "the costs of moving forward outweighted the potential revenue" pretty weird. Is it just me, or have other boardgame conversions with online multiplayer been pretty solid hits for XBLA? And with a classic like this so close to many geek hearts, that early "misfire" must have really been costly.

Rights have reverted to Games Workshop, so if there's someone out there in dev land who thinks this would be a good idea (Hey Logan! Take it to Tantalus!) I'd be thinking this could be a very nice license to work up. The classic expansions make for plenty of added downloads after the initial batch of sales.

Capcom Forum Thread [via Game|Life] [Image via Game|Life too... I own the same early version of the game!]


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