The Conduit Already has MotionPlus, WiiSpeak, Sequel

The Conduit Already has MotionPlus, WiiSpeak, Sequel

High Voltage chief operating officer Eric Nofsinger told MTV Multiplayer that The Conduit, due out March 2009, will support MotionPlus and WiiSpeak, and alludes to an already-planned sequel that will make greater use of those capabilities.

“We’re hooking it [MotionPlus]up,” Nofsinger told Multiplayer. “We want to support it. Probably for this version of the game there’s not going to be a whole ton of really extensive use of the Wii MotionPlus. For the sequel to the game, we definitely do want to incorporate more melee and things like that. We want to support it.”

Earlier this month, reports said High Voltage would push to start work on a sequel once they got a publisher for the first, and that an announcement of the publisher should be coming soon.

The Conduit Already has MotionPlus Support, WiiSpeak Too [MTV Multiplayer via GoNintendo]

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