The Obligatory BlizzCon 2008 Cosplay Post

I'd have to say that the very best cosplay I've seen at BlizzCon 2008 I've sadly seen without a camera. Like the two girls dressed up as a demon and a Draenei, kissing each other as I rushed to an interview with the lead designer on StarCraft II. Priorities won out in the end, but I will forever carry the image etched in my mind. Here's a selection of some of the costumes I did manage to catch on film. Oddly enough, the pirate is a girl I've known for nearly 10 years now and hadn't seen in nearly six of them. Smallish world after all, isn't it?


    Can't seem to see the gallery, has it been taken down?

    Those were the Eredar Twins NOT some random demon and a dranei they were BOTH of the same race and are demon-corrupted Eredar and make up the 4th boss of Sunwell Plateau...

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