The Quantum Code Has Arrived

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"A locked safe, containing secrets that could change the world forever. A global network of arms dealers, terrorists and villains. A mysterious seven digit code... When British Intelligence operative Constance Newlove discovered an international conspiracy to steal the secrets of the code, she became an immediate target. If she is to survive, she needs your help..."

If you're thinking B-grade action game, you'd be wrong. This is the plot behind Sony Australia's new and rather exciting promotion which will be running here on Kotaku over the coming days. It's called the QUANTUM CODE and involves you, a couple of k in Sony prizes and a rather hot little Brit who needs your help to crack the code.

To enter simply scan the QR code above with your mobile and follow the links. Keep your eyes on Kotaku for further updates and check out our QR Forum, for the chance to collude, conspire and compete with fellow Kotakuans. And if even that's not enough, watch this teaser for the promo to be even more confused intrigued.


    How to scan? i've never wanted to scan these things before...

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