Thinking Of Importing A Nintendo DSi?

Then get ready to shake an extra 100 note out of your wallet, as pre-orders for the Japanese release of the Nintendo DSi currently carry an "import tax" of ove 100 Aussie dollars. Regularly priced at 18,900 yen (about $339 Aussie bucks) in its home country of Japan, the DSi asking price from reputable import retailers like Play-Asia and YesAsia is currently $499.

New York import shop NCSX hasn't specified its import price, with the retailer still finalising with overseas distributors.

While the Nintendo DSi isn't planning on landing on these shores "well into 2009," before import fever gets the best of you, we should note that some software for the system will be region locked. If you still must the first kid on your block (or row of cubicles) to have one, we'd suggest waiting just a little bit for demand to taper. But, hey, we know we're not the boss of you.


    Or you could just not be an idiot and import it from a Japanese shop like

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