This Guy Won an Oscar Playing Gandhi

That's Ben Kingsley on the set of Prince of Persia. I think he's pointing out the production assistant who didn't peel the grapes for his trailer's fruit and cheese plates like he'd asked. Or he's getting into character to fuck some shit up as Nizam, the "villanous nobleman" who is the antagonist in the PoP movie due in 2010. Sista site Defamer got that up on Friday, but tipster rayk2099 pointed it out to us just now. Sir Ben's played some heavy-gravity roles in his day. If you want to call this a paycheck role, fine, but my guess is he's working about five times as hard as he did playing Vice President Nance in Dave.

Not getting enough game-movie goodness? Tipster Christian S. has alerted us to the first two Max Payne reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, from Australian site Urban Cinefile. The count so far is two green splats, no ripe-and-reds.

[thanks rayk2099]


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