This Is How Game Misinformation Spreads

Wandering through the news this morning, I came across a blog post on The Republican American titled "PlayStation 3 game offends Muslims, creationists". Creationists? Did I miss the part in the bible in which god created sack puppets? Oh no, it's just blogger Tracy Simmons, eschewing the search engine in favour of America's number one news source, random co-workers.

A co-worker just explained this game to me. Apparently the player gets to create a life form and watch it evolve from a single-cell organism, basically, into some sort of creature. The idea, apparently, is to see if there is some sort of divine intervention that has a hand in the creature's evolution. So, not only does the music offend Muslims, the concept of the game offends creationists.

...yeah. She might be talking about Spore there.

Now you might say, "But that's just a tiny blog no one reads!", but it's a little blog that shows up when I type 'LittleBigPlanet' in Google News, so somebody out there thinks it's important, and now a number of somebodies out there think LittleBigPlanet is about evolution. Lovely.

PlayStation 3 game offends Muslims, creationists [Republican American Blogs]


    Hmmm...once the game's release actually comes (of which the religious intervention offends me as an undecided atheist/agnostic), I'm going to dedicate a level to those 'somebodies' out there, then publish it to the net...

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