This Is What Atlus USA Looks Like

Rather than spending the Sunday after BlizzCon 2008 exploring the wonders of Disneyland like a normal person, I instead made my way from Anaheim to Irvine to check in with the lovely folks at Atlus USA. While the majority of my time there was spent soaking in Persona 4 goodness, which I will discuss with you all later this week, I did get a little time to poke about the office. If you're an Atlus fan it really is a treasure trove of swag. Game art, standees, and behind the wall with the awards on it a stack of game cover art, including some from unannounced titles. I tried to thumb through them, but Atlus Aram, the hyperkinetic spokesperson for all things Atlus USA, slapped my hand away. I apologise for the blur in some of the shots; that's actually Aram speeding in front of the camera to move things. The man has far too much energy. Check them out.


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