TimeSplitter 4 Star Wars Parody Disappears

That's odd.

A recent trailer for TimeSplitters 4 that featured a parody of Star Wars has mysteriously disappeared from Free Radical's site. While no official comment about the trailer disappearance was forth coming it appears the question may be settled in this post found on the developer's official FAQ:

What happened to the latest TimeSplitters trailer (featuring "Sir Chimpalot")?

Some people with a sense of humour deficiency bizarrely thought that it infringed their copyright. We've got better things to do than argue about that kind of thing, so we took it down instead. Rest assured, though, that Sir Chimpalot will still feature in the next TimeSplitters game.

How strange. And I hear Free Radical is even working on something with Lucas. Hope this isn't the start of relationships going south.


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