Timezone Tekken 6 National Finals Video Action

tekken6-timezone.jpgLast weekend the Timezone Tekken 6 National Final was held in Sydney, with NSW entrant Andrew taking the title and the trip to International Finals in the Phillippines in December. We've been sent the video of the Semi and Grand Final clips, so you can see some of the best in Australia duke it out for the title. Grand Final video after the jump, with more videos available here. Go on, tell us in the comments how much better you are, and that if you'd bothered to enter you'd have kicked their butts — you know you want to! [Thanks Kevin]


    the 2nd guy on the left side with a hat and flannelette shirt doesnt happen to come from QLD does he? He looks familiar.

    I'm much better. If I'd bothered to enter I'd have kicked their butts.

    Yer he's my mate, lives up the road from me xD

    Yeah, 2nd from the left is Mercury.

    And Russ, where you from?

    BR:L-R; Rarno Conner (QLD Runner Up); John Frost (NSW Champion); Ron Osowski (VIC Runner Up); Me; Hwan Kim (NSW Runner Up); August Setiawan (WA Champion); Takaaki Monzai (WA Runner Up)
    FR:L-R; Champion - Andrew Kim (NSW Champion); Runner Up - Jack Jin (VIC Champion).

    Actually my last name is Connor. :P Just a minor spelling error, also after Mercury's name it says NSW Champ instead of QLD like it should be, just thought I'd point those out. Not sure if there's anything else wrong though since I don't know the others.

    Who wants to play dota

    You forgot to say:
    (Not present) Peter O'Flanagan QLD (Gold coast Champ) :P

    Thanks for the corrections Muerte

    At least the guy who topped there in Australia is also one of your own. Here in the Philippines, the guy who championed the Tekken 6 Grand Finals hosted by TimeZone is a Korean. O_O

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