Tokyo Game Show: Best In Show Winners Announced

TGS is over. *Sniff*. But with the Makahari Messe now devoid of bright lights, scantily-clad ladies and the sweaty musk of tens of thousands of Japanese gamers, attention now turns towards the important stuff. Like what won "best in show". Or, as CESA (Japan's ESRB) call it, the "Future Awards", held as part of their Japan Game Awards 2008 festivities. Twelve games were recognised - most of them having been playable on the showroom floor - and every major Japanese gaming platform (ie everything bar the PC) is represented.

The winners are:

[email protected] - Namco Bandai - PSP
Gyakuten Kenji - Capcom - DS
White Knight Story - Sony - PS3
Star Ocean 4 - Square Enix - Xbox 360
Final Fantasy: Dissidia - Square Enix - PSP
Dragon Quest IX - Square Enix - DS
Resident Evil 5 - Capcom - Xbox 360/PS3
Monster Hunter 3 - Capcom - Wii
428 - Sega - Wii
LittleBigPlanet - Sony - PS3
Yakuza 3 - Sega - PS3
Let's Tap - Sega - DS

[Japan Game Awards 2008]


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