Treyarch To Keep Fighting The Second World War?

Series creator Infinity Ward dragged the Call of Duty series out of the Second World War and into the present day with Call of Duty 4, and promptly engineered one of the greatest games of all time. So will series co-developers Treyarch - currently putting the finishing touches on Call of Duty 5 - be following suit? In an interview with CVG, Treyarch's Noah Heller fails to rule that out, saying "I can't say that there won't ever be a WWII Call of Duty game again".

He continues:

If we had time we might have shown the end of the war from many different country's perspectives, and maybe that's a story still untold.

But in the meantime people definitely haven't seen the final charge of the Red Army, people haven't seen what the fighting was like in Okinawa and I think it's definitely important to show those stories from a polished perspective rather than show some of the mopping up elsewhere in the world.

Hmm. See, we've already seen the final charge of the Red Army. That's how Call of Duty 1 ended. You want our totally unsolicited advice? Ditch WW2. It's been run dry. Now WW1, with Belgium 1914, Russia 1914, Palestine 1917...that's some fertile ground for a shooter.

Call of Duty dev won't rule out more WWII [CVG]


    ww1 ww2 like wtf? if i see another cold war game im goin to shoot somone and not online either. treyarch hopfully goes under and the Dev team all get aids and die. If they are going to do a war game why not the Iraq war you can be americans and play for days on ends and accomplish NOTHING it will be the game you cant finish lmao video games have taken a turn for the worse. I grew up on video games and it saddens me to see that the industry has already ran out of ideas like Hollywood. PS to treyarch: I hope you go under and your kids starve to death.

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