Unlike Dead Rising, XBLA Games Need To Be Playable On Small, Crummy TVs

Remember when Dead Rising first came out on 360? If you had a HDTV, it was great. Nothing but zombie-killing good times. But if you had a small, CRT TV, you were in trouble, because a lot of the game's critical text was unreadable on low-def TVs. Seemed a strange thing to design for. And is something that would/could never happen for an Xbox Live Arcade title, with Introversion disclosing that part of the service's certification process involves ensuring games are playable on a television setup from 1994. Or, in other words, a 14" CRT TV hooked up via a composite cable. It's a charitable condition, but you have to wonder whether the cost in terms of presentation is worth catering for that chunk of the market.

360 Arcade games HAVE to run on a 14" TV [CVG]


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