Valve Warming To The Wii, PS3 (And PS3 Left 4 Dead)

Valve hates the PS3. Well, Gabe Newell hates the PS3, and since nobody else had ever said otherwise, we just figured it was company policy. Times, though, times change! Valve's Doug Lombardi has told CVG that, since the PS3 started shifting a few more units, they've stopped hating on it, and started to "take it seriously". Funny how that happens.

And it's not just the PS3 they're warming to. The Wii has, last time we checked, sold a ton of units as well. Same story, then?

If we were going for the Wii we'd have to go for a whole new game that's designed for that platform. That's an expensive proposition and riskier than just getting some good PS3 developers on board.

It's something that we're still evaluating, but certainly the install base is the thing that rules all. If there's an opportunity there you've got to take it seriously.


On the topic of the PS3... if Valve are suddenly warming to the PS3, what does this mean for the prospect of a PS3 version of Left 4 Dead? It means things are looking up! Well, maybe not up, but at least "50-50". And a 50% chance is a lot better than a 0% chance.

Valve: Doug Lombardi [CVG]


    Valve are basically a PC developer who are moving to also do consoles. Of course the PS3 is going to be hard for them compared to the 360. I bet they would have trouble moving towards writing games for Linux or Mac as well. The fact is, they dont appear to be geared up for PS3 devlopment, and getting there would be quite an investment for them. The leap from Microsoft Windows to Microsoft Xbox using Microsoft development environments is a small one.

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