What's The Most You've Paid For A Game?

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Question: What's the most you've shelled out for a game?

[AU: Ha! What are the odds the Americans at the MOST pay what we have to put up with everyday? —SB]


    Probably $110 for the UT3 Limited Edition. Amd I know this doesn't include consoles, but the 60GB PS3 cost me about $1100, bundled with two games. Seems average, but at the time I was only 15 and it all came from my own pocket.

    I have only bought one 'expensive' game - the most I've paid for a game has been Uru:Myst's collectors edition which was about $120 or $140.

    Other than that I wait for the bargain bins or cheap specials for games. I've never bought a (normal) game for $100. Of all the 360 and Wii games I own none of them would have cost me more than $80 .

    $110 AU i hope the makers of shinobi 4 xbox spent the money better than i did

    back in ze day ... I paid $120 for SAN FRANCISCO RUSH N64.

    I paid about 2 years of my life on World of Warcraft. Now i'm fat, lonely and have no conversational skills. If only there was a fat girl interested in my 70's...

    I bought Smash Brothers Melee, which meant I had to buy a GameCube and three controllers. It was worth it, since I got a good year of Friday night fun out of it. But, I never bought anything else for the GameCube, so I'd say that qualifies as a $445 game. (And I'm one of those God-awful Americans)

    I just paid $100 for FFXI 2007/WINGS OF GODDESS PACK, plus there the ongoing monthly fee of $12.95EUROS/10.95AUD

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