White Knight Chronicles, A Powerpoint Presentation

White Knight Chronicles, A Powerpoint Presentation

The producer of upcoming PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles Kentaro Motomura gave rundown of the game complete with Powerpoint. Here’s that in a duckpress: The game unfolds as a ceremony is being held in The Kingdom of Balandor to celebrate princess Cisna’s Coming-of-Age. A wizard ruins the party looking for, as the Powerpoint tells it, “the incredible power of ‘knight’.” Leonard, the hero, protects the princess and hides in an underground cellar where he finds a set out armour that turns him into The White Knight.

Characters include The White Knight, The Black Knight and the newly announced Dragon Knight.

Battle-wise, it’s possible to freely register the commands into the function palettes that allow players to create and name your own combinations. Players can also create in-game alter egos that join the game as the main character’s companion. Other sides confirmed the MO quest which was leaked in Famitsu.

There was a Q&A afterwards in which a room full of journalists could ask Motomura questions. Just because questions were asked that doesn’t mean they were answered.

Question: For online text chat, how will that work for different languages? Will different regions play on different servers?
Answer: “We cannot disclose how we will separate the language barrier in the online mode.”

Question: Is there going to be voice chat?
Answer: “We cannot answer at this time.”

Question: Will there be mini-games style play that Level 5 is famous for?
Answer: “We cannot answer at this time.”

Good thing there was a press conference. Game looks nice, though.

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