Why You Can't Own Rock Band AND Guitar Hero: World Tour

You may have noticed already, but one of the fiercest divides in gaming today is in the music game genre. It's Rock Band vs Guitar Hero. To the death. With knives. To the face. Wanna know why these two camps hate each other so? It's because there's no middle ground in the plastic band genre. You can't own Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour. Why? This picture shows why. I don't care who you are, nobody has room in their house for all of that junk.

Direct From SF: Plastic Instrument Overload! [MTV]


    I own both Guitar Hero World Tour AND Rock Band 2 and I use the Guitar Hero hardware for both games. All three games (that includes Rock Revolution) have hardware that is compatible with the other so you don't need three sets of hardware to use all three games.

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