Witcher Sells A Million

Here's your PC gaming good news story for the day: CD Projekt Red have announced today that, since the game was first released in 2007, The Witcher has sold over a million copies. That's including both versions of the game, the original as well as the "Enhanced Edition". For a traditional PC RPG, made by an obscure Eastern European developer with a silly name, those are great, great numbers. Congrats!

The Witcher Sells One Million Copies In A Year [Gamasutra]


    Just want to clear up the censorship issues with the game as some people are confused, only 2 countries got a censored version of this game, US had the nudity edited out of the game and Germany had the blood edited out of the game.

    So everywhere else, and that includes Australia got the original uncut version.

    Also huge congratulations to the developers of this game very well deserved and is genuine proof that making a good game and treating your customers with respect will gurantee you success.

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