World Of Warcraft Plagued By Zombies

I spent the better part of yesterday evening in World of Warcraft, turning the entire NPC population of The Crossroads into shambling zombies. As part of the lead-up next month's Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Blizzard unleashed a new plague across Azeroth last night. Strange crates have been showing up in port towns, glowing green and inflicting anyone who touches them with ZOMBIE MADNESS! Actually it's a disease that last 10 minutes, after which you become a zombie, maintaining full control of your character, complete with special zombie powers. From there you can attack pretty much any NPC or player, infecting them as you go. While this of course pisses a ton of people off, they are all jerks who don't know how to have a good time. I don't know how long this event will last, but hopefully forever and ever after. Glee!
Check out the gallery, while your jumping for joy.


    It sounds to me like they realised that a lot of people enjoyed the madness that the Zul'Gurub plague caused, so they have unleashed their own refined version for this halloween. An excellent idea IMO

    I personally find that the zombie plague is ruining my fun of the game... it makes even basic tasks such as the AH and questing difficult to the point that i want to quit playing the game.

    It is mostly hurting the non 70's on every server and throwing the server economies out of whack. Whoever decided to put in the zombie plague into the game should be canned for making things very irritating, or at least they need to give free time to people who basically lost their month due to this crap.

    This Zombie infection has changed the game totally. It was great now its rubbish. I can't play it any more. The auction house has no auctioneers. You cant hand in quests as the NPC are dead. Its no fun at all. Those who find it fun aren't playing the same game as me.

    Anonymous, you take the game way too seriously.

    I hate the zombie patch. Its impossible to play when you enter the main cities like IF and SW, you'll almost immeddiately turn into a Zombie and then you get smacked. I'm a lvl 62 warrior and it will cost me a fortune to repair every 10 minutes.
    Can we stop this nonesence. How long does it last does anyone know. Cause I'm about to cancel my WoW account

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