XBLA This Week - Hey, You Crazy Mouse

We all knew Capcom's Age of Booty was coming to the Xbox Live Arcade this week, but it's not the only game that hit the service late last night. Utizen Games has delivered the first original Xbox Live Arcade title from mainland China with Crazy Mouse, an action game featuring a mouse, who may or may not be crazy. It comes complete with 30 single player levels and 16 multiplayer levels that can be played local or via Xbox Live, all for the low, low price of 400 Microsoft Points.

The only thing I am unclear on is what exactly you are doing in the game. There are paths, and I see some fruit and cheese. Is that a soda on the mouse's back? What the holy hell is going on? It's crazy! Someone download this and tell us what it is. I'd do it but I spent all my MS Points on booze.

Crazy Mouse


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