Xbox Slims Down Two Years After Obsolescence

I think the Law of Obsolete Console Modding should say something like, "It's not really cool until the console that replaced the obsolete console is itself obsolete." Of course, then it would be called "retro-cool" and I know how much you guys hate that term.

Here we go anyway. Trumpet fanfare for the Xbox Slim. No, not the Xbox 360 Slim, although we'll never kill that rumour. This is a casemod that shaves 60 percent of the volume and half the weight off the original Xbox console. The secret is in its super-duper cooling fans. The mod also packs in emulators for three other consoles.

Pretty nifty. Definitely a conversation piece. But see me in about four years when every current 360 configuration has melted down and been replaced and backwards compatibility is no more. Then we'll slap the "do want" label on it. Three other stills and a movie on the jump.

Xbox Classic Slims Down to Fighting Weight [Technabob]


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