Xboxes Go Off Rails on Crazy Train, Microsoft Sues

Microsoft wants $2 million from DHL because, it says, the parcel carrier failed to compensate it for a bunch of consoles lost in a 2007 train wreck almost exactly one year ago. In fact, the one-year anniversary of the derailment is Monday, which probably means this was filed to beat a statute-of-limitations deadline.

On Oct. 17, a choo-choo hauling two containers of Xbox 360s derailed near Duke, Texas and (snicker) spilled its load. Documents say 21,600 consoles suffered "impact damage, wetting, pilfering and shortage." Yeah, if I was in a train wreck, I'd suffer some wetting, too.

The consoles were enroute from Microsoft's McAllen, Texas location to Long Beach, Calif. and eventually Hong Kong for sale there. Flextronics Industrial in Hong Kong was the intended recipient.

Microsoft Sues DHL After Train Dumps 21,600 Xboxes [GamePro, via Evil Avatar]


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