Yakuza 3 Lady Girls Spotted With Brown Man

And we're back with more thrilling female cameo info about Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 (aka Yakuza 3)! SEGA announced that fashion model Ayana Tsubaki would be appearing in-game as an oil massage therapist, joining seven models from Japanese magazine Koakuma Ageha. They talk it up as in-game nightclub hostesses. At SEGA's Tokyo Game Show booth, three of them showed up, including Sayaka Araki, Shizuka Muto and Osaka-native Rina Sakurai who I interviewed for the arcade book I wrote. She's a really nice, smart person. About appearing in-game, Sakurina said it was really strange for her to speak the Tokyo dialect.

Pic of the three models with the very brown Rya Ga Gotoku creator Toshihiro Nagoshi after the jump.

小悪魔ageha人気モデルがキャバ嬢に 『龍が如く3』ステージは百花繚乱 [Famitsu]


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