Yes, Your Sackboy Spaceman Outfit Will Be Available

A lot of concern from readers over whether the added delay between US and AU release of LittleBigPlanet could put the week one special content at risk. We asked Sony Computer Entertainment for clarification and received some brief but heartwarming news:

Exact details are to be confirmed, but I can confidently say that your readers won't miss out.

So never fear, friends. Your Spaceman Sackboy outfit and the week one special T-shirt will be available for those who get in at the start.


    Here's an idea for Sony;

    Now that they've placated a minority group (and it is a minority when you factor in Sony's market and the whole gaming/music/muslim thing) and delayed delivery of the game in Australia for what will be at least two weeks, why not do something to placate the rest of us (the ones who are actual and potential Sony customers) and open up the beta?

    Yay! Thanks for chasing that up!

    Thanks for chasing this up Seamus it is very much appreciated.

    Cheers QuozL

    it's been about a week since this post - can we follow this up with sony? do they have exact details available for fellow LBP worriers like myself?

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