You Gotta Have Faith: Does Style Beat Out Realism

Earlier this month Kotaku posted a pair of images of the lovely Faith from Mirror's Edge. One was the official rendering by Swedish dev DICE of the parkour-inspired, Asiatic heroine - and the other was a reinterpretation edited by an Asian fan, imagining what Faith would look like if she had been designed according to what he says are Asian standards of beauty.


    After all that, you didn't even mention Lara Croft. One of the most enduring characters in gaming who is far from realistic and yet is considered a role-model and idolised by many - male and female. I'm sure there are many more that could be mentioned too.

    The arguments that you state for the original Faith are severely weakened if you include Lara in the discussion.

    I believe that most people who argue for the original Faith do so out of personal beliefs or trying to be politically correct (in an inherently politically incorrect world).

    If the Asian version was the original I very much doubt anyone would have mentioned anything. At all.

    Yeah, of course it's a possibility that having a more stylised version of her could appeal more to certain audiences, but there is no reason to be worried about that. Firstly, because its a first person game - and you dont see the whole character alot of the time - and second, because FPS games dont sell as well in the asian market.

    Sure you can have idealised characters, but you can also have more realistic, perhaps more relateable ones. It's up to the developers, and the world Faith fits into isn't an unreal one - they are trying to create a reality that is close to our own.

    This whole thing is silly either way, because none of this will affect the gameplay or plot. I think it's a very stupid gamer that would shun a game simply because they dont find the character in it beautiful - I for one don't find Mario beautiful but I'd still buy the games.

    The apearance of a character is part of the story. Some see this as redundant in a 1st person game but I'd like to remind you of our silent and vanity free (no mirrors) friend Dr Gordan Freeman.

    Advertising and box art were our primary sources of association, Dr Freeman's face is found within the game on only a few small pictures. Despite this, his appearance gave us a mindset for which to play the game.

    I take no offence to the Fan Faith, I just notice that the story will be different. It is DICE's story, so they get to choose.

    Very interesting read. As far as my opinion goes I think a characters design and level of 'realism' or believability should mirror that of there environment and the world they exist in as well as what they are actually capable of within that world. Faiths world is that of realism and 'close' reality in that it is clearly trying to look and feel real but not without a little exaggeration like say alot of action films do.

    I don't think if she had the big eyes and boobs(the anime/manga style) it would drastically effect who and what she is or lessen the experience of playing her in the same world but it would obviously make those who dislike this type of stylization(who generally dislike anime overall for similar reasons) take less interest in the game for sure. I don't think I'll ever understand why people dislike this kind of thing as I've been an avid fan of the art style since before my teen years. I can see how the design would hinder the games overall effect on the player though. We identify and empathize with characters the more realistic they are, its why alyx vance is so beloved by many people, because shes not a typical 'game female'. We need more characters like Faith and Alyx, especially of the female variety so despite not being bothered one way or the other I think faith having her official design is important as it signifies maturity and evolution of game character design as a whole and stepping away from the typical design philosophy.

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