360 Gets ANOTHER Australian Price Cut (Arcade Still #1 Seller)

Less than six months ago, Microsoft reduced the price of the Xbox 360 in Australia. It got pretty cheap, especially the Arcade, which dropped below the price of a Wii. Well, with Christmas coming up, Microsoft have decided to cut the price of the 360 again. All three consoles will benefit, the Arcade going from $350 to $300, the Pro from $499 to $399 and the Elite from $649 to $549. As you can see, those are some hefty cuts, which put the Arcade a full $100 cheaper than the Wii and the Pro at almost half the price of a PS3. Interestingly, Microsoft Australia also say that, continuing a trend that began in August, the Arcade is still the top-selling 360 console in the country. Goes to show, you can include all the HDDs, HDs, wi-fis and waggles in the world in a console, and they'll mean nothing next to the bottom line.


    $300 is still $300 too much for broken fucking hardware. I'll stick with my PC for M$ based games for now thanks.

    Let me know when their product isn't a steaming pile of broken-to-be horseshit, and then I'll buy one so I can play the 6 decent exclusive games I can't buy anywhere else.

    This makes me happy i caved in and bought a pro 3 weeks ago.
    (Puts head through wall)

    This is fantastic. I bought the Arcdade a couple of months ago, just after the price drop, and I thought that was pretty cheap.

    Hay Brendan,

    the xbox dash board is getting an update where it will allow you to save your game onto the hardrive, which means less noise and less fan , ultimately the machine works way less, so hopefully no more red lights .

    Shit its cheap that makes the pro US$260, goin to buy another one just for the bigger HDD

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