360 vs Wii vs PS3 In Install Base Graph Showdown

Thanks to the NPD Group and, uh, Deutsche Bank, we have a lovely graph that shows the current install base for each of the three current-gen home consoles. Being a graph, it's more fun than just the numbers, since we can track each console's performance in the months/years since it launched. The 360, it's taking things nice and easy at 11.6 million. The PS3 is taking things perhaps a little too nice and easy, at 5.7 million. And the Wii, well, that sharp red line is telling you that it's sold 13.4 million consoles in only two years.

Wii U.S. Installed Base Now Leads Xbox 360 by Almost 2 Million [GameDaily]


    i think its becuase sony price is too high well blu ray get rid of it then cheapen your system to compete with wii and 360 duh we like videogames and NINTENDOS are the most fun and the best the graph doesnt lie people. AND nintendo has mario so suck on it yeah

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