90% Of World Of Goo Installs Are Pirated

When 2D Boy released World of Goo, they decided to put their trust in gamers' consciences and send it out into the world unhindered by DRM or copy protection. Nice one, 2D Boy! So, how did that work out for you guys?

"Last we checked the piracy rate was about 90%" said 2D Boy's Ron Carmel, his faith in humanity clearly a little dinted. Carmel dropped this stat bomb into the Rock Paper Shotgun forums and went on to confirm to Joystiq that he had seen "500 seeders and 300 leechers" torrenting the game.

It is hard to say exactly what this means - surely many of the downloads would not have planned to buy the game anyway and Carmel does admit to receiving mail from " a very small percentage" of pirates who DID buy the game - but all the same... very poor indeed.

World of Goo has 90% piracy rate [Joystiq]


    As an Australian, after the crash, this game costs me the same as Portal. World of Goo is a fantastic game, but on the scale of things, it's 27 bucks for a game that takes less then 2 hours to clock.

    I agree with nonick. Steam games in general were great until recent times with the Aussie dollar slipping so much. Now, everything is too expensive. For instance, Fallout 3 is $70 which when converted to aussie dollars at the moment $109. For a download only game, no box, no dvd, no manual, very over priced. Its a shame because I've only bought games from steam over the passed year. Now, thats going to stop.

    the real question is, how many of these 90% of "pirates" would have even considered purchasing the game in the first place? not many I'd guess. but I'd hedge a bet that a large proportion of them now have whatever 2D Boy does next firmly on their radars.

    I downloaded the wad, loved the hell out of it, then bought it from the wii shop. I'm probably the minority though - especially since nintendo have essentially stopped "arbitrary demoing" by making it overly annoying to even be able to view the wii shop if you have your wii homebrew enabled (surely the most counter productive counter piracy manouveur in recent memory).

    I freely admit that I downloaded the game via bittorrent to check it out. The reason I downloaded it was because it was very high up on the top 100 downloads list.

    I played it for about half an hour tonight. Tons of fun. And my kids love it too. So I will be purchasing it tomorrow. I'd like to actually have a hard copy of it, so I gotta check if that is available.

    Anyhoo, I agree very much with Pedantics. His point about 2D Boy being "on the radar" is spot on. Gamer-parents like me are always on the lookout for addictive little fun games that we can play and our kids can play with a minimum of explanation. Even my 6 year old daughter loves it. You can bet your arse that I will be supporting this company by paying for their stuff.

    Also check out "Frozen-Bubble" ... it's an Open Source game that's tons of fun.

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