A Very Large Doll With A Very Large Sword

Fans of erotic computer game Fate/stay Night, open your wallets. Wide. A 5-foot tall statue of warrior Saber is yours for a mere $US8,500! First released in January 2004 from former amateur developer TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay Night has since been spun off into anime, manga and a Capcom arcade fighter. This doll isn't brand new per se, but that doesn't make it any less magnificent. Or expensive. The price breakdown isn't for the faint of heart — or poor, for that matter:

• Top of the line 5 foot figure: ¥480,000
• Swords: ¥150,000
• Dress: ¥180,000
TOTAL: ¥810,000 ($13,250)

*Real lady not included.

No wonder there's an installment plan.

Screenies on the link.

等身大フィギュア セイバー [Paper-Moon via Sankaku Complex]


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