Adult [email protected] Computer Game Copies PSP Packaging

Namco Bandai's popular pop idol sim THE [email protected] has gone portable and hit Japanese PSPs. Previously, the series was only available in its original arcade version and ensuing Xbox 360 one. THE [email protected] has players train young girls to become pop stars. Like anything popular there is of course a smutty version. And there is! The recently released THE iDOL REVOLUTION is very much an adult game. Here's a product description: "Yuji works for a talent agency. One day, he takes in charge of a new project called the "Idol Revolution". His mission is to train five rookie idols, Misaki, Sayaka, Kana, Momoka, and Ayano. Surrounded by five unique idols, he works hard every day. As he himself grows up as a project leader, the idols gradually fall in love with him...." iDOL REVOLUTION goes further than simply knocking off the PSP [email protected] SP — the erotic computer game actually pays homage the game's PSP packaging! Wonder what "PFP" means. On second thought, no, no we don't.

Bishoujo Game of a Producer "Playing" with Idols: A Sample of I-Mas-SP-like Package [Akiba Blog/NSFW]


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