Atari Gives Chase To The DS

It may have a ridiculous name and a cheesy storyline, but Atari's newly announced The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity has all the earmarks of the sort of quirky platformer that thrives on the Nintendo DS. You play as either Felicity or Felix as they rush through town on the way to meet each other for a date. Along the way you will face various obstructions and enemies dead set on keeping you from your true love, using the DS stylus to draw platforms to help navigate your way to your ultimate goal - nookie. Now I'm not sure if nookie is involved, but with power-ups that include the Love-Rush and Love-Nuke, it's easy enough to imagine. The Chase is on this February, courtesy of Atari and developer Razorback. The screenies are courtesy of us.

Atari Announces Heart-pounDing platformer 'THE CHASE: FELIX MEETS FELICITY' FOR NINTENDO DS

- Run, Dash and Rush Using the Stylus to Make Your Date in Atari's Innovative Platformer -

NEW YORK, NY - November 10, 2008 - Atari brings a fresh approach to platforming on Nintendo DS™ with The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity, the fast-paced game in which players navigate their way through bizarre obstructions, interruptions and mishaps, using the stylus to draw a path to the object of their affection. The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity is scheduled for release in February 2009 exclusively on Nintendo DS.

Join in the adrenaline rush by jumping in the shoes of Felix or Felicity to race across town in time to rendezvous. To make it unscathed, players need to deftly navigate a series of obstacle-laden environments without ever letting up the break-neck pace. Run, jump, dodge and slide through hectic scenarios while desperately trying to stay ahead of the clock and weather. The pick-up-and-play gameplay makes ingenious use of the Nintendo DS stylus to draw platforms to climb and hop across, dodging difficult barriers and any cold-hearted misanthropes who get in the way.

"We wanted to create a high quality action platformer that had lots of personality to it while keeping the great arcade-style gameplay to the fore," said David Geudelekian, Producer, Atari. "We've brought the best of old school arcade platforming to the new-generation DS while making the most of the hardware in terms of graphics and the clever use of the stylus in gameplay. The result is a great example of classic arcade action brought right up to date for the DS."

"Our goal with The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity is to create a game that is not only great fun with brilliant original gameplay, but something that competes with the very best platform titles on DS," said Cyril Voiron, VP Brand Management, Worldwide Publishing, Atari. "In a busy DS market we're investing the time and effort to deliver a fun and innovative game of exceptional quality to DS owners everywhere."

Along the way our protagonists will draw, climb and jump their way through the city, zoo, carnival, park and beach, with each vibrant area packed with opportunities to impress your sweatheart by bowling over bad guys and collecting fruit and stars. Felix and Felicity will have no shortage of help in their date-race against the clock with sage love advice from worldly-wise characters you meet along the way and in-game power-ups including Time-Freeze, Love-Rush, Newton-Bomb and the explosive Love-Nuke. Let nothing stand in the way of true love!

The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity, developed by Razorback, is scheduled for release exclusively on Nintendo DS in February 2009. For more information about Atari's entire line up visit


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