Aurora Feint II, She's LIVE

OK, maybe I'm getting a bit too excited about Aurora Feint II: The Arena. But it is a Puzzle Quest-ish, multiplayer-ish iPhone game.

And now it's live. That's right you can hop onto iTunes this second and download it at its holiday price of $US7.99. I'm all over it as we speak. I'll try to get something up Monday in the way of impressions. Sure beats yelling at Skate It and my Wii Fit board all weekend long. *mumblemumblemumble*


    Basically imagine a PuzzleQuest style match game where you can play against the ghosts of opponents (as opposed to real opponents). It will be fun when it gets fixed so it doesn't keep crashing mid battle! Differences between it and PQ - PQ has a story/progression - this one kinda doesn't yet. More like a Magic The Gathering Duel.

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