Be Like Nickelback Guy - Don't Do Guitar Hero

Nickelback Guy Chad Kroeger is concerned about the state of the music industry - in particular the lack of decent rock bands. Hey, Chad, we feel you. Seriously.

The kids today, you see, they are too busy fiddle-faddling around with the playboxes and the x-stations. Always with the sitting indoors in front of the damn TV. Except for the ones who won't get off his lawn, obviously. Why don't they do something worthwhile with their lives?

"Start rock bands," said the singer, "Set down the 'Guitar Hero' learn how to play an actual guitar and start a band, because it's hard to find more bands to put a solid rock-and-roll package together."


Nickelback Hope Dark Horse Keeps Their Newfound Fans On Board [MTV]


    That has to go down as the most unintentionally funny quote in the history of the internet.

    What devils dick did this band have to fellate to get a recording contract in the first place?

    The fact that Nickelback sells at all is proof that the world is lacking decent rock bands.

    Haha Nickelback, you're funny!

    see the idiot got it all wrong ....we want less idiots who think they can play guitar getting bands together and poluting the airways. those who seriously want to play and be good at it will be the only ones left. and thats a good thing for everyone ...cause seriously ....there arnt to few good bands ...just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY to many horrible useless hopeless terrible music destroying groups of trailor trash who think they have talent and somehow got publishing contracts.

    The funniest thing has to be the fact that they're telling us to learn to play guitar. I'm pretty sure everyone gets the irony here.

    tear the knees in your jeans
    grow stupid facial hair
    dye it along with the hair on your head and your pubes too
    Write soft cock rock that would make bands like the cars queef
    Let your music infect all adult radio stations on the planet
    Sit back and watch the cash roll in


    Play guitar hero

    Im choosing guitar hero .....

    the guys right, get off you lazy a$$es and do something. and playing guitar hero doesnt mean you can play. i've been playing for about 10 years and guitar hero is nothing more than hand eye co-ordination on a rythm beat. it isnt even remotely close to playing any sort of musical instrument, but then we live in a world of wanna-be's and posers so it's not suprising how popular this thing is. oh well, so much for substance and god old fashion hardwork and learning - oh yeah, skill is in there somewhere

    I enjoy playing guitar hero don't get me wrong, but there is nothing like playing a real guitar and having that feeling of mastering a song and playing it for real.
    I think people feel that when they master guitar hero they automatically can play the guitar, but Rick is right in saying it isn't remotely close - the frets don't match either.
    Try playing some of Nickelback's songs on a real guitar - they aren't always easy and Chad is a master player and songwriter. I agree with him, but also love the guitar hero too. Both are cool.

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