Broken Fallout 3 Dojo: Fallout 3 Still Broken

Been sitting on this for a few days, just in case Bethesda managed to get their act together since Fahey's post, but the number of users affected and time that's passed is getting a little much. Seems Fallout 3 is still broken. It's broken on PS3, it's broken on 360, it's especially broken on PC. The console versions are still crashing and freezing and corrupting in various spots, while the PC version...well, where do we start.

OK, let's start with my copy.

I got my copy off Steam on launch day. Love the convenience. Anyway, when I picked it up, the game ran fine. Ran like a dream, on full settings, and I was having a blast. Then a patch was released. Steam being Steam, it installed the patch automatically.

Now I can't play the game.

I try to load any of my games and the game locks up. Lovely that a patch meant to fix things instead broke my game that, previously, wasn't broken at all.

Course, that's just my story. PC gaming is rife with this sort of stuff, and normally, issues affecting one man aren't enough to kick up a stink over. But take a look at the game's official support boards. The 360 boards, the PS3 boards, the PC boards. It's not my game that's broken. It's a ton of people whose games are broken, across all three platforms, and they're broken in a variety of places (ie, this isn't a single issue, it's a wide variety of issues).

Now, before we get too down on Bethesda, the same thing happened with Oblivion. Game was all kinds of broken, eventually patches came out, game stopped being broken, everyone got on with their lives. And the same will no doubt happen with Fallout 3. It's just a shame that, over two years on, people throwing down good money on a Bethesda game have had to put up with the same mess all over again.


    It's funny, Fallout 3 for me, on Xbox 360, was probably one of the least buggy games I've played. Mind you this was after playing Fable II. Anyway I completed Fallout 3 in about 25 hours, in that time I had one total console freeze that required a reboot, and that was it. A few times it was slow to reset after my character died in slo-mo glory, but it always got there in the end. Also, only once, in the entire game, did I notice any character model clipping through scenery. I thought that technically, the game was as excellent as any other I've played, and probably better than many.

    I've been playing it solidly on the PS3, and haven't had a single problem.

    I played the retail PC version. It crashed A LOT, especially when fast traveling. Luckily it has a good Auto Save system so it was more an inconvenience than anything. The latest patch didn't help the fast travel crashes.

    I finished it within about 25 hours and it crashed over a few dozen times in that period.

    I was pretty annoyed. We spend a lot of money on these games here and for PC, and put a lot of care into making our PCs run properly. And they had lots of time to learn from the mistakes they made in Oblivion. And yet, this crashed way more for me than Oblivion ever did.

    i played through the pc version twice with only 4 crashes, all occuring if i alt+tabbed too much. i ran the game in highest with 16xCSAA on an 8800gt. my house mate had more troubles but if u install the memory leak patch for vista and possibly some other updates i had laying around, it made it run perfectly for him. hasnt crashed since (except alt tabbing too much once, then teh window just wont re-open)

    I bought Fallout 3 on steam and it crashed constantly. I then downloaded a torrent version of it (I own the game, I reserve the right to do with the files what I will) and the ripped version didn't lock up once in 30+ hours of gameplay. Bethesda need to hire some crackers methinks

    I bought Fallout 3 for my Mac (Running Bootcamp of course) and haven't experienced a single issue with it so far. Only crashes are when I exit the game, so really no big deal.

    Fallout 3 crashes often, about at least every other time I play. The crash on exit is fine, but I can consistantly crash even with the patch.

    I mesmer the Steakly chick in Rivet City, place a collar on her, and tell her to get her but to Paradise Falls. Then (because last time I did it I got chewed out by the slaver that the collar was misused ) I fast travel to Paradise Falls. Crash EVERY time as it is trying to load it up. Even after the patch.

    The crashes are real, you just have to do certain steps/things to get them to happen. These kinds of crashes shouldn't be so prevalent, the game was slapped together, marring an otherwise superb experience.

    Are you kidding me? This editor is still crying about his broken fallout3 experience... Yet when I email in complaining about LEft4Dead in Australia being entirely broken MP wise you don't care.

    Nice work, gaming journalism is the equivalent of being a date rapist victim; everything seems rosey but when the date comes to an end it's game over and your dealt shit!

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