Build Your Own Xbox Arcade Controller

If you enjoy fighting games on your Xbox - in particular new versions of classics like MK Vs DCU or SF II With Bells On It HD And A Partridge In A Pear Tree II HD Turbo Turbo (to use the shorter form of the game - the full title is some four paragraphs of close-set type) you may be in the market for a better controller.

As the Google Translated (from German) page below would have it "Unfortunately, the D-Pad of the 360 Controller anything other than accurate."

Quite, which is where this nifty DIY Arcade controller project comes in. Just grab some resistors, LEDs, a Pizza Hut box (preferably clean) and and 'old' 360 controller and get to work. Don't worry, the person who wrote this is "definitely not a soldering masterly" either.

my own Xbox 360 arcade controller [fr3Ak blog, via HackNMod]


    I'd probably make this... if Capcom would release SSF2THD already. It's Nov 26 guys... it's still not up on LIVE here in Australia... you know... the release date you promised? Jesus christ. I bought points today to get this goddamn game and you don't have it out on its release date... sheesh.

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