Burn Zombie Burn - You Know, For Kids

Zombies are great - that's pretty much a given - but they can be a bit of a downer too, can't they? All that shuffling around and moaning, reminding us of our encroaching mortality and the unavoidable personal apocalypse that awaits us all. etc. etc.

It's all good stuff, but zombie games of late tend towards the more downbeat and scary end of things. What happened to a bit of old fashioned brain-eating monster fun?

Burn Zombie Burn! might be just what the insane anatomist with the drill ordered. Taking its cues from Smash TV and Chaos Engine rather than Left 4 Dead and similar grimfests, the game pits you against hordes of undead in a top-down bullets 'n' burnination extravaganza. It is due out on PSN in the new year.

Hit here for the screenies.


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