Capcom's Amazing Street Fighter II HD Remix Goodies

Capcom mailed a cereal-box sized... box today for Street Fighter II HD Remix. Inside, a smorgasbord of goodies including a red Street Fighter headband, a Udon Street Fighter Remix comic, a Chun Li figure and one of those magnetic boards (this one looks like E Honda's hangout) that you can slap stickers on and off. It also came with two sheets of Street Fighter stickers so you can create your own little battles on the fridge.


    So when is this game coming to Australia or Japan's PSN? I don't have a US credit card so I can't get it from the US site but all the news regarding this release has all but turned into reviews, even on Aussie sites where it hasn't been released. WTF is going on? It isn't even released in Japan yet!

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