Castlevania Judgment’s Final Three Revealed

Castlevania Judgment’s Final Three Revealed

Castlevania Judgment for the Nintendo Wii is only two weeks from release, and Konami has just revealed the final three characters for their brawler take on the classic platforming series. While I am saddened to inform you that this will not be your chance to play one of the annoying Medusa heads, you are getting three classic characters from Castlevania history. First up, two characters from Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, the young priestess Sypha Belnades and the dashing thief Grant DaNasty, rounding out the third game’s playable cast, with Alucard and Trevor already announced.

Coming in last is Cornell, whom the luckier among us might not remember as the man-beast protagonist from Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness for the Nintendo 64. In Judgment, Cornell is stuck in werewolf form, unable to change back into human form. Poor guy. Hit the jump for screens featuring the final three, along with character bios for those of you hungry for more information who can’t be bothered to just hit up Wikipedia.

Check out those screenies here, you lazy sods.

Character Biographies:

Grant Danasty
Grant Danasty used to live as a noble thief (much like Robin Hood) all the while aspiring to become a vampire hunter like Trevor. As the most agile man in Transylvania, Grant Danasty joined forces with Trevor to defeat Dracula. Since overpowering Dracula, Grant Danasty has become a true champion of good, devoting his time to restoring the town to the days before Dracula’s rule.

Cornell, a proud werewolf whose martial arts are said to be invincible, has come to rescue his younger sister Ada, who was kidnapped and taken to Dracula’s castle. With the blood of beast-men in his veins, in Castlevania Judgment, Cornell is transformed into a wolf and unable to change back.

Sypha is a tough, strong-willed witch who uses fire, lightning and ice magic. Affiliated with the church, Sypha hides her true nature by wearing priestly clothes. While Sypha has not yet met Trevor, fate has determined that they will defeat Dracula together and then marry.

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