CoD World At War LE Owners Getting Double XP Week

Activision reveals another excellent reason to shell out another $US20 for the Limited Edition of Call of Duty: World at War as they announce a Limited Edition-exclusive double XP weekend.

Covering both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, PC players need only log in for some multiplayer action between 7am AEDT on Saturday, December 6th to 6.59pm on Saturday the 13th to reap the benefits of their more expensive edition. On the Xbox 360, players will need to make sure they completely activated their copy of the LE, and will have to play in specially marked "Officer's Club" playlists.

All this, and a replica flask that doesn't open. Way to go, LE buyers!


    LOL @ activision. They should have made it so people who bought the CE could choose when they want to actviate the double exp bonus.

    I'm already level 65 thanks to countless hours of grinding in a high exp yielding S+D server. And its going to be a cold cold day in hell before I go do prestige. I mean honestly. Why would anyone want to start all over again from lvl 1 with EVERYTHING taken from them..just for a fancy marker. Great.

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