Codemasters Postpones Damnation Til 2009

Yesterday we reported on the delay of Codemasters' action RPG Rise of the Argonauts to "hopefully before the holidays", and now another Codies title is being wisely held back in the face of the holiday rush. Blue Omega's vertical steampunk shooter Damnation will now see release in early 2009.

"Damnation is being rescheduled for an early 2009 release...The game will be much stronger and better as a result, and will also give people time to get all the pre-holiday releases out the way - ready for the fresh (and vertical) gaming experience that Damnation offers."

Which is really exactly what I suggested they do with the Argonauts...don't push. Put the game out when it is ready and when it won't get lost. A very wise move I should think.

Damnation slips to early 2009 [Eurogamer]


    Nice pic. I'd title it "Portrait of Fashion Victim".

    Even though she's a virtual character, I still can't help feeling that this outfit is going to fail her in a few years. My pragmatic side says she'd better not hang out in any mosquito infested jungles. My adolescent boy side says damn, that bod is smokin' hot!

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