Competition: Gears 2 Packs For Most Creative Gearheads


    It would probably have to be some kind of lightning bolt gun that can also shoots shurikens.

    Lancer + Flame Thrower + Marshmallow Blow Gun = because nothing's funnier than horde who are trying to be scary, but are covered in marshmallow.

    Easy! Lightsaber and the Plasma Rifle from Doom 2 both lightweight and would (probably) use the same form of energy.

    I'd combine a shotgun with hockey pucks.

    Imagine thousands of hockey pucks flying out in a shot pattern... ouch!

    Gatling gun flamethrower

    Can’t go past the trusty COG Launcher! Collect the cogs from your dead friends and fire them at enemies for VENGEANCE!

    I'd combine a grappling hook with a combat shotgun, using the hook to bring enemies in close then using the shotgun to finish them off.

    The badger in a harness from Postal 3 with the stake gun from Pain Killer. Nail your enemy to wall, then maul them!

    It's hard to top a chainsaw bayonet, how bought a lightsaber on the front of a homing rocket. It slices, dices and blows up.

    "In 25 words or less: What two weapons would you combine to top the Gears of War 2 Lancer? "

    I'd combine the BFG gun from DOOM with the portal gun from Portal, would make for interesting violence.

    I'd combine a high powered rifle with a hungry crocodile. Perfect combination of long range and short range fire (teeth) power.

    If you don't believe a crocodile is a weapon you haven't seen the cinematic genius that is Lake Placid.

    A bazooka... that fires SHARKS!!!

    I don't think I need the rest of my 25 word limit.

    A torque bow powered mini gun would top the lancer. Horde mode would become almost too easy as you spray wave after wave with arrows.

    I'd combine a thermonuclear ballistic missile and whippersnapper, that way the missile won’t get, like, tangled in crabgrass and pussywillows while delivering its deadly payload.

    An agent orange dispenser and nicotine coated bullets so they'll have to come back for more.

    Mini spoon egg catapult and a confetti throwing party popper. Down a Locust, splatter with egg then dazzle him with confetti, to brighten his day!

    a catapult that fires "frikkin sharks with frikkin laser beams on their heads"

    Chuck Norris's Leg with Chun Li's Kick Spam.

    Load up the Turducken! (google it)
    The chicken can fire laid eggs, the duck can peck, the turkey can blast through bushes.

    I’d resurrect Steve Erwin but with chainsaw hands. He'd jump right into those locusts leaving them unsure what to fear more: Chainsaws or Steve Erwin?

    Regular shotgun with an attack-dog attached and when the dogs bark, they shoot bees out of their mouths

    Goldeneyes RCP-90 (so much fun!) for nostalgia, coupled with Unreal Tournaments Rippers.

    A bright orange machine gun that fires razor blades!

    shark and a sledgehammer, combined, in some kind of awesome manner.

    Some sort of oversized blow dart type tube launching the banana bomb from Worms.
    It's erratic nature would make for interesting rushes.

    "In 25 words or less: What two weapons would you combine to top the Gears of War 2 Lancer?"

    Cans of Cherry Coke and an appropriately modified Shotgun. The Locust loathes Cherry Coke as much as I. It'll send them packing. Boom, mankind wins.

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