DIY Ghetto Game Grip

The Marware Game Grip we looked at last week might look a bit goofy - and possibly IS a bit goofy - but having a more comfortable grip on the iPhone would definitely improve certain games. The main problem with the Game Grip and similar devices is the price. $US50 is a lot to spend unless you are a serious fan iPhone flight sims. Current economic climate and all that.

Crafty iPhone owner Ronnsprocket has whipped up a much cheaper alternative using just a few sheets of cardboard, a sharp knife and some glue. Total cost: $CHEAP

This version is light, even more portable and can probably lay claim to some serious enviro-cred if you use recycled packaging. You can even 'mod' it using felt pens and glitter. Your move, Marware.

Carboard Game Grip Also Aesthetically Ruins Your iPhone, But For Free [Gizmodo Australia]


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