Eidos Sorry About that Whole Fun-Killing Wii Tomb Raider Glitch

Tomb Raider: Underworld is a pretty OK game, but not if you have it on the Wii, then it can be a pretty broken game. Today Eidos responded to the game-killing glitch.

Turns out that some people playing through the Wii version find themselves in Thailand without a lever, a lever that, I assume, opens something that lets you continue through the game.

Eidos confirms that the bug exists and sends their apologies:

"We are aware of a bug which is present in the Nintendo Wii version of Tomb Raider: Underworld. We would like to stress that this is an extremely infrequent bug, however on the rare occasion that it occurs; it affects the presence of a lever in the Thailand level of the game and prevents progress beyond this level. Eidos sincerely apologies to anyone who has experienced this frustrating problem.

The quality of our games is paramount to us and the Nintendo Wii version of Tomb Raider: Underworld went through three separate QA testing departments prior to release. Regrettably anomalies such as this do occur occasionally in videogames despite the best efforts by publishers to avoid them. The good news is that it is not an unsolvable bug, so if you encounter it and it persists please visit www.eidosinteractive.co.uk/support/worldmap.html ."

What happens when you go to that website listed? You see a sea of support numbers to call. When you do I'd assume they tell you to revert to an earlier save or hit you up with one of their saves right past that point. Hmmmm, does anyone else smell a recall?


    While my friend was playing TRU, she was able to find the lever in the final room in Coastal Thailand, so finishing the level was easy. While swimming towards the surface, it automatically went to a cut scene, and Lara's left arm was stuck in a swimming position. After another cut scene, she made it into another room, in the Croft Manor: Protected by the Dead. After reaching a checkpoint, she saved and it went back to the main menu. She also tried to load the game again for where she was, five times, but it opened up showing the name of the level, then made a weird noise before freezing and making another weird, long noise. Now, we can't play anymore.

    So those of you who are able to pull the lever, you are warned about the other glitches ahead. A recall, needs to be made for TRU on Wii.

    I just want to let you know right now, how horrible this game became. In the beginning with Kraken, on the Wii version of this game that I thought would prove to be the most awesome of them all, turned out as if it were thrown together. First when I was heading out after recieving thor's hand I jumped up and it was almost as if Lara was floating into a time space continuum.

    Then the part in which everyone seems to speak of in Thailand is completely fine. The lever was there in my game, but must I speak of what happens after I find the lever? Oh yes, I was swimming with Lara towards the surface. As a matter of fact, I hadn't even made it out to open ocean yet, when It automatically cut to a cutscene, which I am sure is not supposed to happen. And when it had, I ended up on her boat and as she was speaking to Zip and Allistar her left arm was extended in her swimming formation the entire time she spoke. At first, I thought that was just something that happened on my account. How wrong was I.

    Next, when I finally arrived in Croft Manor for the second time the level: Protected By the Dead, I transversed over to another section of the level and when I felt I needed to save I did. Once I had, it went back to the main menu. Now, the entire time while I have been saving this game it has never done that. But I brushed it off unknowingly of the consequences that reached ahead of me. Instead of loading up 'properly' instead I experienced it freezing on me and making a weird noise. And then finally, when I tried four other times it did the same thing over and over again. Now, this game is brand new and I just got it. Now, I feel as though Wii players of this game have been cheated. This did not occur in the last game: Tomb Raider Anniversary. And what I want to know is, why exactly is XBox 360 and Playstation 3 perfectly normal and Wii is not.

    I'll give you an answer as to why. It's because all they did was throw that game together. And all that they did now was crush many players of the game that own a Wii. I am highly disappointed with this. And I'm not sure if I really want the game anymore. I've been excited this entire time for this game and waited. Now that it's come, my love for it has been crushed by this game. It's all because it was thrown together poorly, while the other game consoles has it's perfections.

    So, I forewarn anyone who decides they might want to try tomb raider on Wii once more just as the last one. It's not happening.
    This game is disrupted and utterly useless now. I call forth a recall immediately. Eidos needs to take action for this problem, or lose many fans and a lot of business.

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