Expect Infamous To Be On The Short Side

Sucker Punch creative director Nate Fox tells Eurogamer, in a roundabout way, that his company's upcoming open world super-dude game Infamous for the PlayStation 3 isn't striving for epic length. Fox may cleverly disguise this talk about the game's potential shorter playing time by focusing on something he calls "quality," but we're onto you, sir.

He specifically points to two games, one being God of War, the other Grand Theft Auto IV. The former clocks in at just seven hours or so, a quantity that sounds pretty OK with Fox.

"It seems to me that it's not about length, but about quality," Fox said. "And because I love both of those games, I hope that developers never try to shoot for a long game, but instead for the most fun they can pack onto the disc - at any length. That's what we're doing for inFamous." Fine with me really, just maybe a bit brief for this-gen sandbox expectations.

inFamous will be "about quality", not length, says creative director [Eurogamer]


    All this will mean is that i'll return it to EB after finishing it like i did with Mirrors edge..
    With todays prices, i want long games or plenty of replayability (time trials don't interest me)

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