Faith Is Not A 12 Year-Old With A Boob Job

Last month we posted a fan-made image of Mirror's Edge protagonist Faith. There are obvious physical differences between them. The discrepancies extend perhaps between the two different vantage points the images belong: East and West.

What did Mirror's Edge developer DICE think of the fan-made send up? The Swedish developer had invested time and energy in creating that character. It obviously has more invested in Faith than mere opinion and posturing. The game's producer Tom Farrer told Stephen Totilo at game blog Multiplayer:

I remember when I first had that image sent to me. To be honest, I found it kind of sad. We've spent time in developing Faith. And the important thing for us was that she was human, that she was more real.

We really wanted to get away from the typical portrayal of women in games, that they're all just kind of tits and arse in a steel bikini. We wanted her to look athletic and fit and strong [enough]that she could do the things that she's doing.

We wanted her to be attractive, but we didn't want her to be a supermodel. We wanted her to be approachable and far more real. It was just kind of depressing that someone thinks it would be better if Faith was a 12-year-old with a boob job. That was kind of what that image looked to me.

Oh come on, she doesn't look 12. Thirteen, maybe, but not 12. Chin up, Tom! It's hard to know exactly how serious this fan-made work is — we're betting there's tongue knowingly planted in cheek.

'Mirror's Edge' Producer Found Sexed-Up Fan Version Of Heroine 'Depressing' [Multiplayer]


    I was happy to see someone real and not overly "hot" for a change. Get so sick of T'n'A in games, seeing something believable was a nice change.

    What is with this vocal minority lately that want realistic looking characters!!? Hasn't it been established for quite some time now that people want fantasy, not reality.

    With some games now having pretty advanced character creation, who the hell creates the butt ugly freak to represent them? What about the obsession for some about collecting all the best loot to make their character look super hot or uber?

    Also for your information, neither version of Faith are realistic.

    If we're being realistic then she'd be short, have tanned skin, generally skinny with some baby fat, and small boobs.

    From the comments it reads like people who prefer the original object to large boobs and people who prefer the fan-made object to western stereotypes of Asian women faces.

    Everyone has their own stereotype of what a typical Asian woman looks like. So why not just accept that this is DICE's approved version of what they think a typical Asian woman looks like in the context of this game.

    My opinion, why was this game in first person? Argh!

    Seriously how could someone jump from building to building with a C cup?!

    The asian version of Faith is more 'aerodynamically' sound l o l

    LOL, arvz I think you've insulted quite a few capable sportswomen with that remark. A C-cup is entirely manageable from a sporting point of view.

    Original Faith I'd say could quite reasonably be a B-cup. Fan Faith however is probably more like a E-cup. Not so manageable from a sporting perspective.

    For the bigger busted girl, a good sports bra is your friend!

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