Famitsu: The Best TGS 2008 Booth Babes Were…

Famitsu: The Best TGS 2008 Booth Babes Were…

The Tokyo Game Show is long over. It ended last month, which in internet time is a decade ago. The latest issue of Famitsu has fascinating TGS 2008 data for us to look at and mull over. The publication surveyed 1,000 visitors, 79 percent of TGS attendees were male, 21 percent female. Here’s the data:

• 78 percent own a DS, 69 percent a PSP, 32 percent a PS3, 43 percent a Wii and 24 percent an Xbox 360.
• 26.8 percent primarily use the DS, and 4.3 percent primarily use the Wii.
• 31 percent plan to buy the PS3 in the future — the most popular answer.
• Nearly half use their systems to play online.

The magazine also has a list of the most popular booth companions, along with quotes from those surveyed attendees:

5). SNK Playmore ("It's not fair how they have Mai Shiranui cosplayers there every year," one attendee said.)
4). Koei
3). Tecmo ("I went back to the booth several times without thinking about it, just to see more of the girls," said one attendee.)
1). Capcom
1). Microsoft ("[Microsoft's]outfits didn't seem to reveal much at first, but look again, and..." said one attendee.)

TGS: The Attendees' Take [1up via Go Nintendo]

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